These are tracks specially generated for people who tweeted #findmybearings to @supko. They were "composed" by bearings_traits, an application John Supko designed for writing s_traits, his collaborative album with media artist Bill Seaman, which comes out 4 November 2014. Tweet #findmybearings to @supko and get your very own electronic miniature! Each track begins with Bill Seaman reading a fragment of his text, then the computer pulls together music from a 110-hour database of sounds that Seaman & Supko accumulated over several years.

s_traits is now available (digital & physical copies) here, here, and -- for Europe -- here.

Listen to bearings_traits in action with members of the Wet Ink Ensemble, who reacted to it live and in real time during the s_traits release show at Pioneer Works in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The show was curated by Clocktower.

Read the review of the Clocktower show in the Brooklyn Rail here.